哎哎哎,想到哪里去了?! 小编说的是.shop注册局首席执行官Hiro Tsukahara携.shop团队参加了六月在巴萨罗那举行的Global E-commerce Summit (全球电子商务峰会,简称GES),并受邀登台为参会者们介绍.shop新顶级域名, 并大谈网络、域名及电商的未来发展。



[00:00] Thank you so much. We are into the final stretch of today’s sessions, the WOW part of this conference. We have a couple more speakers to come, and of course, those all-important awards, for which we will be asking for your assistance to use your fingers. The power of the tap to vote for your winner. Those votes will be happening live on stage, which won’t be in anyway awkward for the three finalists, to stand there watch you voting for them or not.


[00:33] But first of all, we’ve all had a lovely lunch. Nobody got indigestion. But there is, we have been talking a lot about these sort of big monster brands like Amazon and Google, who have been eating up the competition, eating up the market share. But they gave themselves say a bit of indigestion, with one meal they try to take on backing January last year when GMO beat them to the cherry prize of the highly contested .shop domain extension. Today, we have GMO Registry CEO, Hiro Tsukahara  (I knew I was going to get that wrong) to talk to us about the developing plan for the .shop domain, and how it is going to be the go-to place for the online retail brands. Please welcome Hiro!

好了,我们刚刚都吃饱了午饭 ,没有人消化不良吧。但当我们一直都在谈论亚马逊和谷歌这些商业巨头把竞争对手吞噬 ,赢得大量市场份额,他们的胃口可有点大了。这些巨头在去年1月竞争.shop域名的时,GMO在剧烈的竞争中打败他们竞得了.shop域名后缀。今天我们邀请到了GMO注册局的首席执行官Hiro Tsukahara来跟我们讲述.shop域名的发展计划,以及它将怎样变成线上零售品牌的域名首选。让我们来欢迎Hiro!

[01:35] Hi everyone, my name is Hiro Tsukahara. I am the CEO of GMO Registry and I run a domain called .shop. I will explain what all of this is about. “Guide to .shop — the global home of e-commerce.” Before I get into about .shop, let me explain about who we are and what we do. GMO Internet Group is comprised of 100 group companies, 9 of which are listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. We have 5,080 internet professionals and 55 offices globally. We do about 1.4 billion dollars revenue and 175 million dollars in operating profit. We operate businesses in 4 different segments: Internet infrastructure segment, online media, Internet finance, and mobile entertainment.

大家好,我的名字叫Hiro Tsukahara,我是GMO注册局的首席执行官。我目前运营着一个名为.shop的域名 ,我将为大家介绍这个是什么。“.shop介绍 ——全球电商之家”。 在我介绍.shop之前 ,先让我解释一下我们是谁以及我们在做什么。GMO Internet Group 由100个子公司组成,其中9个在东京证券交易所挂牌上市。我们有5080个网络专家,分布在世界各地的55个办公室。我们的年收入达到14亿美金,其中营业利润达到了1.75亿美金。我们主营以下四个领域的业务:网络基础设施 、线上媒体、网络金融和手机娱乐。

[02:33] Today’s focus is going to be about domains and so explain which domain we operate. There are 50. Starting from brands, these are what we call brand TLDs that companies like Canon, Toyota, Hitachi, Barclays, BMW. All these large corporations in the world have a domain that matches their trademark, and we operate a quite a few of them. For instance, for Canon, we operate .canon. For Sony, we operate .sony and so forth. We also operate .id, which is a country code, a two-letter domain that’s provided to the countries, and for Indonesia, this is .id. We also run six geographic TLDs, .tokyo, .yokohama, .kyoto and three more others. And last but not least, .shop.

今天的重点是域名,所以我想介绍一下我们正在运营的一共50个域名。从品牌新顶级域名说起,像佳能、丰田、日立、巴克莱银行、宝马这些大的集团公司都有一个与其品牌商标匹配的域名,我们管理运营着相当多的品牌域名。比如,我们为佳能运营着.canon,为索尼运营着.sony等等。我们也运营着.id,是一个国家代码,一个提供给国家的双字母域名,而印度尼西亚的国别域名是.id。我们也运营着包括.tokyo、.yokohama、.kyoto在内的6个地域顶级域名 。最后,当然还有.shop。

[03:38] About domains, I am going to explain a little bit about the industry structure. There is an organization called ICANN, which governs the assets of the Internet, and it is an NPO based in the US. And then we have the registry, which is what we are. This is like the wholesale part of the business for domains. Then we have registrars, which are the retail businesses. There are about 3,000 globally. Some of the most famous ones are GoDaddy, 1&1, Namecheap, Openprovider and so forth. What are domains? Domains are addresses on the Internet. They can be used as URL, email as you can see on the slides. What comes to the right of the dot is called the top-level domains. What comes to the left of the dot is called the second-level domains. And then if there is another dot, what comes after that is the third level domain, and so on and so forth. Today’s discussion is on the top-level domain, which is to the right of the dot.

我想先说一些关于域名行业的结构。有一个名为组织管理着互联网资产,它是一个位于美国的非盈利组织。然后有像我们这样的注册局,就像域名产业中的批发商。再接着就是扮演零售角色的注册商 ,在全球有大约3000个。其中著名的有GoDaddy、1&1、Namecheap、Openprovider等等。什么是域名呢 ?域名就是网络上的地址,它们可以被用作网址链接 、电子邮件 ,正如你在幻灯片上看到的一样。在点的右边被叫作顶级域名,在点的左边是二级域名,如果还有另一个点 ,这个点后面的是三级域名,以此类推。而今天讨论的是位于点右边的顶级域名。

[04:50] What are the choices we have now? Starting with country codes, there are 249 country codes top-level domains in the world. This is the map of all the ccTLDs that are available in the world. 249 including those that are no longer used, or that are used that cannot be registered. Such as .su, which is for the Soviet Union. Then we have generics, 21 old domains, and 1220 new domains. Of the 21 old domains, the most famous, which you can probably guess, is .com. Then we have .net, .org, .info. Some you may not have heard, like .mil, .aero, .tel and .cat, which is for Catalonia. But the problem with domains is that good domain names are long gone. You will never find short, meaningful, easy to remember domain names under .com, .nl, .de .uk and so forth.

我们现在有什么选择呢?从国家代码开始说起 ,世界上有249个国别顶级域名。这个地图上显示世界上所有可用的国家和地区顶级域名,这249个包括了那些不再被使用的或者不能够被注册的域名,比如前苏联的地区域名.su。然后我们还有一些通用的域名21个传统域名和1220个新域名,在21个传统域名中众人皆知最著名的就是.com。然后还有.net、.org、.info,其中一些你们或许没听过,像.mil、.aero、.tel和加泰罗尼亚的域名.cat。但是现在的问题在于,好的域名早就没有了,你很难找到短的、有意义的 、易记住的以.com .nl .de, .uk等等后缀结尾的域名。

[06:04] So the solution to all of these was to open up the domain space and create what is called new gTLDs. This happened in 2012 and as a result, 1930 domains were applied for from all over the world. To this day, 1220 have gone live, or are more or less live, and there are still 82 left to go. The breakdown of those that applied are as you can see at the bottom. 911 from North America, 675  from Europe, 303  from Asia Pacific, 24 from South America, and 17 from Africa. This is just the first 200 list of new gTLDs that were applied for. You will see there are a lot of brand TLDs like top left corner, Like TESLA from the UAE. You have Otto, you have Banana Republic, Old Navy, Maserati, B&W and so forth. Then you also have the city geographic TLDs like .boston, .nyc for New York, .london, .tokyo, .hamburg, .miami and so forth. And last but not least the generics like .hotels, .club, .web, and, of course, .shop.

所以目前的解决方案就是扩大域名空间,创造了新通用顶级域名。这个方案在2012年开始施行,至今 1930个域名已经在全球范围被申请,1220个已经上线或即将上线,还有82个剩下的。域名应用的具体情况 ,就像你们在大屏幕下方所见。  911个来自北美 、675个来自欧洲 、303个来自亚太地区、24个来自南美 ,17个来自非洲。这仅仅是前200个应用的新通用顶级域名。你将会在屏幕左上方看到很多品牌的TLDs,像阿联酋的特斯拉,像Otto、Banana Republic、Old Navy、玛莎拉蒂和宝马等等。你也会看到像.boston(波士顿) 代表纽约市的.nyc、.london(伦敦)  、.tokyo (东京)、.hamburg(汉堡)和 .miami(迈阿密)等国家和地区顶级域名。还有通用的域名像 .hotels、.club、.web,当然还有.shop。

[07:28] Why are domains important? I wanted to talk about this because last year when I came to this event, I spoke to a lot of people and tried to explain what we do, and the vast majority of the folks that I spoke to did not know what the domains were and why they are important. So here it is. Domains are important because they are the core infrastructure of the Internet. Without domains, the way the internet is made. Without domains, you cannot be found. It helps branding. Now it is not just enough to have a logo, to have your trademark. You need a domain that matches your logo or your trademark. And, it is a great marketing tool. It saves communication cost. Cause easy-to-remember domain names ease communication. You can also dominate the category of your business. Dominate the search result through the websites. Cause generic names rank well in search terms that match the domain name.

为什么域名如此重要呢?我想要说这个是因为去年当我来这个活动的时候 ,我和很多人交谈并解释我们现在在干什么,绝大多数的人并不知道域名是什么,也不理解它们为什么重要。域名之所以重要是因为它们是互联网基础设施的核心,域名和互联网密不可分。没有域名,你的网站将无处可寻。域名帮助品牌打造形象,这不仅仅是去设计一个标志或者商标,你需要一个符合你的标识和商标的域名。它是一个非常好的市场营销工具。它节约沟通的成本,简单易记的域名减轻沟通的负担。你可以通过域名主宰你的商业分类,主宰搜索引擎的结果,因为通用域名在匹配域名搜索词的搜索结果中排名靠前。

[08:37] I will give you an example of how we do the business in Japan and how we’ve managed to get 90% market share in our own country. We are not just the registry. We are also the registrar, which means we sell domains directly to the customers, we are also the retail. We a have retail business for this. We have 90% market share in this because we found out…we segmented the customers. We came up with different brands and we said brand A is for companies, brand B is for tech-savvy people, brand C is for beginners. And as a result, we now have, when you go to Google Japan and search for domains, all of the websites you see on the first page are our products or our websites. This is very very important in doing business especially in Japan, but also in other countries because people rely on search engines. You have to be seen, you have to be found on search engines, and the way you can do so is to have multiple websites, multiple domains so that you will be listed on the results. This explains why ToyRUs purchased toys.com for 5.1 million dollars. I think it was about ten years ago.

我给你们讲一个我们怎么在日本做生意的例子,和我们是如何获得90%市场份额。除了注册局的业务以外,我们也是注册商。这意味这我们也是直接卖域名给消费者的零售商,我们有专门针对域名的零售业务。我们在域名业务市场占有率能够达到90%是因为,我们划分了不同的消费群体  并因此创立了不同的品牌。品牌A是针对企业的,品牌B是针对精通网络科技的人,品牌C是针对初学者的。 结果当你用日本谷歌搜索“域名”的时候,你在搜索首页看到的所有结果都是我们的产品或网站,这个在日本的做生意尤其重要。当然在别的国家也一样,因为人们依赖搜索引擎,要能在搜索引擎上被看见 、被发现,你应该拥有多个网站、多个域名,以致于你能被列到搜索名单上。这就是为什么玩具反斗城以510万美元的价格购买了toys.com,我记得这是10年前的事了。

[10:01] So about .shop, we beat Amazon, we beat Google, we beat JD.COM. I think this is more miracle we did, but we beat them last year to .shop. We launched on September 26th globally, also launched .shop in China this year, and we’re off to a good start with more than 200,000 registrations to this day, which makes us the top-20 most popular domain in the world.

去年我们击败了亚马逊、谷歌和京东得到了.shop,我认为这是一个奇迹 ,但是我们击败了他们并得到了.shop。去年9月26日,.shop在全球范围正式开放注册,在今年.shop也在中国开放了。我们有一个很不错的开头,目前为止有200,000 的注册量,使得我们成为了世界最受欢迎的20个域名之一。

[10:36] Now, what is .shop? .shop is a global e-commerce address. We aim to make  .shop the place to shop online, the definitive place to shop online. And who is this for? .shop is for all online and offline shops that intend to do anything e-commerce. So it could be product reviews and could be price comparisons, sharing economy and so forth. Why .shop? Three reasons. Number one, it is short and meaningful. It is universally understood. My grandmother is 85 years old. She doesn’t speak a word of English, but she still understands the word “shop”. This is the case in many countries that I have been to, including China. A lot of people understand this word. It is also intuitive. The word implies that it is a place to shop, which makes it a very powerful marketing tool. Also, the market potential. The growth of e-commerce and the growth of domains.

.shop是什么呢?.shop是一个全球电商域名。我们的目标是将.shop打造成线上购物的目的地,绝对的线上购物圣地。.shop的目标群体是谁呢,是所有有意做任何与电商有关业务的线上和线下商店,像商品评论、价格比较、共享经济等等。为什么选择.shop?有三个原因。第一,它简练短小却有意义,它的意思广为人知。我的祖母今年85岁高龄,她一点英语都不会说,但她却知道“shop”的意思。我去过许多国家,包括中国,很多人都知道这个词。第二,它很直观 。这个词意味着它是一个购物的地方,这使它成为一个非常强大的营销工具。最后,是因为它的市场潜力,电子商务和域名业务的不断增长。

[11:48] The example I’d like to make is champagne.com vs champagne.shop. If you are looking for the place to buy champagne, not necessary to visit, but just the place to buy champagne. Do you think you can find it on champagne.com or champagne.shop? Now, to be honest, a lot of people would probably say champagne.com. But I see that as because we all have a bias when it comes to domains. We started using the Internet back 28, 30 years ago, and when we did, .com .uk, .de, all these domains are already in existence. We are very accustomed to .com, to these legacy domains. This is the, excuse me, the animation, champagne.comThis is an actual website and turns out you can’t buy champagne here. It is the website of the champagne committee. Champagne.shop, voila! You can buy champagne here.

我想举一个champagne.com和champagne.shop.的例子。如果你正在寻找购买香槟的地方,不一定是实体店,只是购买香槟的地方,你觉得你可以在champagne.com还是champagne.shop上找到呢?说实话,很多人可能会说champagne.com。 因为我们说起域名的时候都有偏见,28到30年前我们开始使用互联网时,.com、.uk和.de这些域名都已经存在了。我们非常习惯.com这些传统域名。原谅这个动画效果,这是champagne.com,这是一个真实存在的网站,但其实你不能在这里买香槟,这是香槟委员会的网站。在champagne.shop你可以买到香槟。

[12:56] The reason why I brought this up because we are accustomed to seeing .com, we are used to this. But the new generation back 8 years ago when I started this initiative, the children that were born then are already in third grade, which is kind of daunting. But kids nowadays, when they are in third grade, they have iPhones. They have their email addresses. Some are already studying programming. These kids, as they grow older, they’re going to be seeing a different internet as compared to what we saw when we first touched the Internet. There is the domain Industry that is changing. There are various options. There are 1220 different options, plus the 21 generics, plus the 429 ccTLDs.  People are seeing different options. It is becoming normal, it is becoming ordinary, to have different domains for different purposes. This is going to be very very important. I am going touch on this again later on because this will have an effect on your businesses, especially those have anything do with e-commerce. A market research done by the Amsterdam University of Apply Science tells us that .shop is the No.2 preferred domain as a place to shop. It is now also the No.1 preferred domain for cross-border e-commerce.

我提起这件事情的原因是因为我们习惯了.com,但在8年前我开展这项事业时出生的新一代们现在已经三年级了,想想就觉得时间过得好快。但现在的孩子当他们在三年级时,他们已经有了iPhone,有了自己的电子邮箱,有的已经在学习编程了。当他们长大了 ,这些孩子将会看到与我们当时所不同的互联网。域名行业正在变化,不同的选择已经出现 。目前一有1220种不同的域名选择,加上21种通用域名,以及429种 国家和地区顶级域名。人们有了更多的选择,为不同的需求选择不同的域名已是平常事,这将会是非常非常重要的。我将会对这方面再加讨论,因为这将会对你的生意,尤其是电商业务产生影响。阿姆斯特丹大学的应用科学系的市场调查表明,在电商建站时.shop是第二受欢迎的域名 ,因为它意味着购物。现在.shop也是最受欢迎的跨境电商域名。

[14:34] Now, I will give you an example of what we are doing right now. There is a city called Yiwu, which is about 300 kilometers south of Shanghai in China. This is an incredible place. I don’t know if you have heard of this – there is an article, I think a few months ago, about a train that left Yiwu and arrived all the way in England, and also in Spain. There is actually a train now. It takes about three weeks to get here, which is less than half of what it takes by boat. But the place is incredible because this is the world’s center of small commodities. There is this one building, 5 million square meters that hold 75,000 shops. It is just one building. It is an incredible place. The population is only about 1.5 million, which to Chinese standard is minuscule. But this place is incredibly huge and if you want to go through every single shop, the 75,000 shops, you only spend 5 mins per shop and spend eight hours going through the place, it will still take you more than two years. That is how huge this place is and there are all about cross-border e-commerce now.

我来给你们讲一下我们正在开展的工作。有一个叫义乌的城市,它在上海往南300公里以外的地方。这是一个神奇的地方 ,我不知道你有没有听说过——几个月以前有一篇文章,是关于一辆离开义乌的火车一路前行到达英格兰和西班牙。实际上还有一辆火车 ,它花费了三个周到达这里,这比坐船的时间要短一半。但这个地方确不可置信的原因是,它是全球小商品交易的中心,这里有一幢楼,五百万平方米的面积上有七万五千个商店。这仅仅是一幢楼,真是一个奇妙的地方。它的人口只有一百五十万 ,对于中国的标准不是一个大城市。但这又是一个极大的地方,如果你想要逛完这里的每一家店,七万五千家商店,你如果花五分钟逛一家店,每天花八小时,逛完这些店需要花超过两年的时间。这个地方就是如此之大,这里的一切都是关于跨境电商 。

[15:50] Last year, or as of last year, 70% of the world’s Christmas decorations came from Yiwu. So they are very rapidly expanding globally. But right now what they are doing is that they’re selling mostly to folks that go to Yiwu. But as you all know that’s not how you do business nowadays. So what we’re doing right now is that we are providing .shop and solutions to Yiwu and they are adopting .shop like there is no tomorrow. This again, if you do have time to ever visit China, you should definitely go to see this place because this is really changing, and the government is really pushing very hard to promote e-commerce here. These are some of the countries, where we have registrations in 170 countries right now. China accounts for about a fourth, or more than a fourth of the registrations. Next to Germany, the US, Japan, Netherlands, Panama and so forth.

去年,或者说截至去年为止,世界上70%的圣诞装饰都来自义乌。他们在全球范围内迅速的扩张,但现在主要跟来到义乌的人交易。你们也打,这不应该是现今做生意的方式。我们现在做的就是为义乌提供.shop域名和域名解决方案,他们迫不及待地采用.shop。还是那句,如果你有时间去中国, 你绝对要去看一看这个地方,因为这个地方正在改变,政府正努力的促进这个地方的电商发展。.shop在170个国家都有注册用户,这是部分国家的名单,中国注册了四分之一或超过四分之一的.shop域名,紧随其后的是德国、美国、日本、荷兰、巴拿马等等。

[16:41] These are some examples of shops are really starting to use .shop. Korg, I guess the audio manufacturer or the audio equipment manufacturer has an official shopping site at korg.shop. This is the domain that I like, holyshit.shop, excuse my French. lada.shop. We also have offline shops. They start adopting in China, Japan and the US, France, Germany and so forth. We also have services that are using .shop: hey.shop, coffeeoutlet.shop, otto.shop. This is a redirect, amazon.shop.

这是一些实际的正在使用.shop的公司的例子。Korg, 一个音响或者扩音设备生产商,它设立了一个官方的购物网站korg.shop。这有一个我喜欢的域名——holyshit.shop,抱歉这是不文明用语,还有lada.shop。我们也有实体商店开始用.shop域名,它们分布在在中国、日本、美国、法国、德国等等地方的。也有服务商在用.shop,像hey.shop、coffeeoutlet.shop、otto.shop,以及能跳转到亚马逊主页的 amazon.shop。

[17:50] So what does this mean to you, in a world where the Internet is changing because the domains are changing? We are now not only seeing .com .net. We are seeing 1220 other generic terms, and again, the new generation is going to be seeing these domains. They’re going to be choosing domains for their own specific purposes. Not everything is going to be under .com anymore. If they want to have a place to shop, or if they want to sell goods, they’re going to use .shop. If they want to have a club, they are going to use .club. If they think it is important, they’re going to use .vip. All these different domains. So the question is, do you keep on doing what you’ve always been doing? Or do you adopt this new innovation and adapt to the changes of the Internet? My suggestion is very obvious. If you have any questions, please visit get.shop, or come see me at the booth. We are right at the entrance of the exhibition hall and I believe I will be able to take some questions here. So thank you.

这意味这网络正在因域名的改变而改变。我们不光只看到.com和.net,我们也在看见1220个其它的域名后缀。新一代的人也将会看到这些不一样的域名,他们将根据自己的需要挑选域名,而不是被老是限制在.com域名之下。如果他们想要有一个网站来购物,或者贩卖商品,他们将会用.shop;如果他们想要一个俱乐部,他们会用.club;对于他们认为很重要的,他们会用.vip。有这么多不同的域名。所以问题在于,你是否要墨守成规,或者要接受创新事物并且适应着互联网的变化呢?我的答案很明显。如果你有任何的问题,请访问get.shop或者到展位来见我, 我们就在展出大厅的入口处。我相信接下来是现场提问的时间。谢谢大家。

[19:09] Thank you. Perfect. Any question for Hiro from our audience?  Anything you are not sure about the top-level domains? How quickly this thing being snatched up?


[19:28] We are getting about more than 20, 000 registrations on a monthly basis, so it is going very very quickly. A lot of keywords as well. A lot of brands. A lot of sentence words, like pizzashopinnewyork or thebestpizzainnewyork.shop. That sort of sentence-like domains.

我们每月有超过两万的域名注册量,它们被抢得很快。很多的关键词、品牌、句子型的词语被注册了。还有像pizzashopinnewyork (纽约的披萨店)和thebestpizzainnewyork.shop(纽约最好的披萨店)这样的像句子一样的域名。

[19:53] So you’re dressed up to become a marketing tool in its own right. How many of you will go home and see what holyshit.shop got to sell? I certainly am. How many of you check your brand or product name already against .shop? We shall see in the audience, a couple of you, back there, beavering away. Brilliant. What advice would you give to people when they are thinking about sort of setting up? Is there anything technically we need to be thinking about?


[20:24]  There is nothing special about the technicality. It is as you use .com or .nl. or .de.  What are the things we are advising shops in China and all of the world is quite a number of them already have domestic shopping sites, online shops, but they also want to go global. So I tell them:keep your website as it is right now, but you cannot have a domestic website and an international cross-border website all at once. Because you’re selling different products, you get different payment options, different logistics, all these different things. Obviously, not mention the languages, so you want to keep this different. Keep you what you already have, but make a different website that’s more global, that’s great towards cross-border. That’s where .shop comes into play because this is a universally understand word. Again, it’s something that even my grandmother understands, which is a lot.

技术上没有什么特别的,这就像你使用.com或.nll或.de一样。我们给中国以及世界商户的建议是,很多的商家都已经有了国内购物网站、网上商店,但他们也想走出国门。所以我告诉他们保 持现有的网站,但是你不能拥有一个融合国内和国际跨境业务的网站。因为你在销售不同的产品,客户有不同的付款方式,不同的物流,所有这些不同的东西,更别提最明显的语言的不同了。所以你应该把它们分开来,保留好你已经有的,并建立一个更国际化、专注跨境业务的网站,这就是.shop的用武之地。因为它一个国际认知度极高的词语,连我的祖母都知道的词语。

[21:27] And it crosses languages as well, isn’t it, because it’s one of those words. That is a great idea. Some really good tips there. I strongly recommend that you get on board with that – snap up your .shop before anyone else does. Hiro, thank you so much. Thank you for joining us.

而且这个词语在很多语言中都是一样的对吧,是各种语言中通用的单词之一。这是一个很棒的主意。很多有用的建议,,我强烈建议你们采用,赶在其他人之前拿下你的.shop。Hiro, 非常感谢你跟我们分享。